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When searching Allendale Roofing Contractor finally you are done.  Douglas Carlson, a resident of Allendale with children who went through Hillside, Brookside and Northern Highlands school systems started Carlson Bros Inc over 30 years ago. His commitment to you the homeowner is just one reason Carlson Bros Inc is your pick of Allendale Roofing Contractors.

Carlson Bros Inc offers a comprehensive list of roofing services for all residential and commercial properties. Also including homeowner associations and property management companies. We are happy to assist with upcoming residential roofing projects of any size. Our residential roofing services can accommodate large projects like whole roof replacements.  We are also available for smaller roof repair orders and emergency repair situations. Call us today to learn more about our residential services and how we can help solve your roofing problems. As a local roofer, you can see on the map below just a few of the Allendale roofs we have completed. If you are considering a new roof, need immediate action or just peace of mind then call the #1 Allendale roofer at (888) 882-2257.

Allendale Roof on The Grandstand

The Allendale town baseball field that Babe Ruth played on required a new EPDM roof system on the bleachers.

Macintyre Ln Allendale NJ 07401

As an Allendale Roofer we changes the look of this home with 3 dog house dormers and a big front porch over hang.

Rozmus Ct Allendale NJ 07401

This roof consisted of a number of steep slope angles.  All Owens Corning materials were used to ensure guaranteed protection. There is only one Allendale Roofer went thinking about a new roof.

Green Way Allendale NJ 07401

An Allendale roofing project that included Owens Corning Duration Shingles.  Along with a Ridgevent to ensure proper ventilation all year long.

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